According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (2001), “Hostel is a building in which cheap food and lodging are provided for students, certain groups of workers, people without homes, travelers, etc: have a share room in a hostel”.

Hostel is an English word, which means an inn or a boarding house for students. In a broader sense hostel is a place where worker, youth, old or people of same occupation or same school of thoughts can reside.

Usually it is difficult to manage the problems of residence in distant city from home for students. In such situations, hostels are considered to be the best solution. Higher educational institutions provide generally hostel accommodation. (Brother, 1971)

At the time of independence,Pakistanhad only one University that was the University of thePunjabwith an enrollment of 644 students of whom 56 were women. The University of the Punjab is not only the oldestuniversityofPakistanbut also the largest among the universities. Located in the historical and culturally alive city ofLahore, this university has played a leading role in higher education in the country. It had no hostel in the beginning but later on the need for hostels and residential halls were felt badly by university authorities for accommodating the students coming from other cities and sometimes from other countries.

With the passage of time, the enrollment of the students increased, its allocated proved insufficient and the increasing flow of the students to the city ofLahoremade increasing demand in the extension of the university building and the residential accommodation. So an urgent need for a new campus of the university became apparent. The new campus ofPunjabUniversitywas made in 1944.

PunjabUniversityis fulfilling the requirements of the students from all overPakistan. At present, there are 25 hostels in all, five for female students and 19 for male students. The total number female student living in these hostels is 5,815. Out of this total figure, there are more than 4000 male and 1800 female students. (Annual Report, PU, 1986-1987)

Although the facilities provided in these hostels are of good standard but still there are many problems faced by students residing in the hostels. The present study is an effort to identify the problems faced by students while residing in hostels.

Statement of the Problem

The present study aims to find out the personal and administration problems faced by the females residing in thePunjabUniversityhostels. It also intends to know the needs of girl students and give suggestions for the improvement of the hostel environment.

Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the study are to:

  1.  Identify the personal problems faced by female students.
  2.  Know the management problems faced by the female students residing in the
  3.  Make suitable suggestions for improvement of hostel’s environment.

Significance of the Study   

The study aims at the problems faced by female student residents inPunjabUniversityhostels. It will identify the personal problems and also problems faced with hostel management. The research will be helpful to improve the said problems. It will definitely pave the way for the management to take effective steps in providing better residential facilities for the female students. The study would provide basic truthful information to the concerning authorities which may serve as a basic for improvement, if needed.


Population of the Study

The population of this study will be the female students residing in thePunjabUniversityhostels.

Sample Size of the Study

The sample will be 100 students selected from PunjabUniversityhostels from the total number of 1,815 students residing in five blocks. Sampling technique will be the random sampling. We will select 20 girl students from each hostel.


Procedure for Data Collection

Questionnaire will be used as data collection and it will consist of questions regarding female students’ personal and problems regarding hostel management. In personal problems, question will asked about their hostel environmental, adjustment with roommates etc. and among management problems, there will be questions regarding quality of food provided, health facilities, sports facilities, attitude of hostel staff etc.

Data Analysis

The data will be analyzed through mean percentages.


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