Trend Setters


“We can mould your imagination”




The business is started with the vision to gain financial independence and to satisfy the creative skills. the strong motive behind the idea was to chanelise the personal skills, we have has in ourself and set new trends in the field of interior decoration. This is how we selected this field as a major area of our business plan. The work will be in accordance with market demand and customers satisfaction will be prioritize, the services provided will be customer oriented and finally every possible struggle will be done to keep the quality, quantity performance and service at an exceptionally good level.


The legal structure of the business is based on parternership.

The business will be shared by two partners as given below

1. Active partner

2. Sleeping partner /financer


Active partner is the prominent person who will manage the whole project. He is the person, who have full knowledge and skill over the work. He has done interior designing courses and he will check all the balances, projects publicity campaigns of the business.


The sleeping partner will invest the whole amount of lac rupees by himself in two steps.

The first step will involve the investment for the site as a show room & contact office for the business.

The second step will involve the investment on the manufactures of different articles present in the show room and the final & third step is the launching of publicity campaign as planned at the marketing level.

So the sleeping partner is only responsible to invest money and take profits from the business and the active member will put all his efforts to run the business.

The share of the profits is in the following manner

  • 30% share of profit is for sleeping partner.
  • 70% share of profit is for active.

The profit will include the amount residuary after all deductions.


We will focus on following items in start:

Wrought iron articles (tables, chairs, beds etc.) wall carving /wall wood work. Our secondary services for complete decoration of a place will include carpets, lamps. Wall hangings.


At start our marketing area is neighborhood and as our business will grow we will expend it to national level by opening our branches in different parts of Pakistan.


Our primary competitors are all the interior decorators in the areas of model town, town ship and faisal town , garden town.


  • Our business will benefit with following specialty:
  • Our idea will be unique and new
  • We will present our articles in all forms western, classical, oriental and mixed looks with embossed, carving colour scheme.

The most important thing is that  we will patent every design of ours so that no one else could cheat us and our difference remains in the market . Our service and customer satisfaction approach will also be our distinction.


The partners have firm belief that there will be no compromise on quality and we will try to present best quality products to earn our customers faith.


For the creation of demand for our products in the community following techniques & tactics will be utilized by true

1. Hand bills    50thousands.

2. Hanging banners on roads, 5 roads of rupees 10 thousands.

3. Cable advertisement 6 yellow pages.

4. Exhibition at site.

5. Model town community centre … displays of our articles… overall profit…..5%

always for publicity and marketing.

At start of our business ———– 2 lac for publicity campaign..


Raw wood, wrought, iron , colours ,paints .wood things  flowers.


1. One chair of wrought iron. Raw chair is of 2000  after furnishing & change it is

of 4.5 thousand rupees for sale.

…to be continued