Human Rights
Human Rights

Executive Summary

This report is being organized to improve the awareness of Human Rights among people. And it sketches some of the key problems in general and represents the associated conclusions and recommendations for the report.

Improving the Awareness of Human Rights

It’s important to provide all human rights to each and every citizen of a country without making any social or economical distinction. For this purpose we have to define the basic standard for human rights at a broader context, keeping in mind all the complexities involved.

Rights of Women

Women should be aware of their rights. They should be provided with all the facilities everywhere. Women’s participation in elections at all levels must be encouraged. Laws in place to protect women from being given away as part of a compromise must be fully implemented. Healthcare for women must be extended to all women and children in the country. The gender disparity in education must be addressed. The status of women must be improved within the society.

Rights of Children

The UNC Convention on the rights of the child should be implemented. Priority must be given to improving the rights of the children. Universal primary education must be guaranteed and access to schools made possible for every child. Strategies that can lead towards the elimination of child labor, such as increased employment opportunities for women and awareness rising among parents, must be introduced.

Rights of Labor

Employment exchanges also need to be setup and regulated to ensure their effective working. A means to readjust workers within public sector departments need to be found. The appeal of sections of earlier laws, in conflict with the Bonded Labor Abolition Act, should also be considered. Educational, including vocational schemes, must be designed to meet needs in the employment market.
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Fahmeed Shaukat